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This portal is used by City of Seattle departments to manage applications and requests. Use the categories below or the Application Index page to start an application/request in the Seattle Services Portal.

Building Tune-Ups

Initiate a building claim, request alternative compliance or submit a report to comply with regulation that requires efficiency assessments and corrective actions in buildings with 50,000 SF of non-residential space.

Complaints - Building & Property

Submit a complaint related to city code compliance for construction, rental properties, noise, and taxi and transportation services.

Historic Preservation Certificate of Approval

Get authorization to alter features of a designated City Landmark or properties located in one of Seattle's eight historic districts.

Licenses - Short Term Rentals

Apply for a license to rent your home (or a room in it) to guests for fewer than 30 consecutive nights, operate a bed and breakfast or operate a rental platform.

Licenses - Taxi & For-Hire

Apply for and manage For-Hire Driver's Licenses, Medallion Licenses, or Dispatch Organization Licenses.

Licenses - Trade & Equipment

Get licenses for operators and contractors specializing in boilers, gas piping, and refrigeration.

Permits - Parking & Truck

Submit applications for cars, carpools, or trucks related to accessing restricted streets, routes, or parking zones in Seattle.

Permits - Street Use

Apply for street use permits (long or short term), street improvement permits, tree and vegetation removal and other permits for activities in the public right of way (ROW).

Permits - Trade, Construction & Land Use

Get permits for construction, land use, and installing equipment (electrical, mechanical, refrigeration, etc.).

Public Comments

Comment on city projects related to building, construction, land use, and more. Commenting is available during the public comment period.

Public Utilities - Development Services

Request certificates and reviews for public utility development services, water availability, plan reviews and water and wastewater manager determinations.

Rental Housing Registration (RRIO)

Register or transfer ownership of registration as part of the Rental Registration and Inspection (RRIO) program. RRIO helps ensure that all rental housing in Seattle is safe and meets basic housing maintenance requirements.

Tenant Assistance (EDRA)

Request financial assistance to help you move to a new home when your rent has been raised by at least 10% in a year. This program is available for low-income qualifying tenants.


Apply for tree work permits on private property and in the public right of way, register as a tree service provider, get public notices for tree work, and more.

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